Review: Transthetics EZP

There’s been so much hype over this STP and honestly I am so very impressed with the maker. He started this business on his own and to the best of my knowledge, he’s still continuing to do the majority of it on his own. That’s designing and making the product and running the site and advertising. Honestly, I’m just so impressed. Especially with how quick it was delivered to me and how discreet the shipping was.

Now, first off I want to say that this product didn’t work for me. But that isn’t the fault of the product. Not really. It’s more to do with my body shape and the like. I am not the kind to skip leg day, so I have thighs that could crush a watermelon… And a small silicone cock, apparently.

I had to spread my legs as far as humanly possible and force my hips comically forward just to get this STP to work for me. Also I had a lot of issues using it with pants on so that obviously had its issues and prevented me from using it outside my bathroom. The reason for this was that the shaft was just too short to get past my superman thighs and out of the fly of my jeans.

So basically, for me this STP works if I’m naked and crouching over the toilet. But I am certain it would work well for guys with slimmer thighs.

Now for packing.

As a packer the EZP worked really well for me. It doesn’t need a harness but you will have to buy tight underwear so it doesn’t fall out and roll down your trouser leg. Boxers are out and y-fronts are in! Thankfully you can get some really cute ones from places like H&M and Topman.

It gives a discreet bulge that actually looks pretty realistic. You’re not walking around looking like a porn star but there’s definitely something there for those who want to have a sneaky peek.

Looks wise, it’s a nice bit of kit. The colouring is almost spot on and there’s some good little details in there too. Will definitely pass the glance test in a dimly lit public bathroom, but you might get a second look if someone’s gotten a good stare on and noticed something’s a bit off.

All in all, I would recommend this product. It’s well priced for what it is and even though it didn’t work out too well for me, I know a lot of guys who absolutely love it and it works great for them. If you want to grab one of your own you can go to:

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