Review: Freetom Rogue 5.5in 4in1

I just want to start this review with a Not Safe For Work warning. I will be talking about a penis prosthetic. An STP device (stand to pee ). So if you’re at work or if you’re around people who you don’t want to see you reading a review about a silicone cock, best press the back button now!

Ok! Now that’s out of the way, the STP I shall be reviewing is the Freetom Rogue 5.5 4in1 ( pack, pee, play and pleasure ).


I have had this prosthetic for about six months now and it was the first one I bought. Really, I should have gotten a size smaller, but I wanted to try it out for sex and I was worried that the smaller size wouldn’t do much for me or my partner. Although, from other reviews I have seen of this model, the smaller size doesn’t make much difference as it is the testicles and funnel that cause a lot of the trouble.

I’m going to go through the things I had trouble with first, and then go into what I liked.

As said, the size was a problem. I am quite a short guy, but also quite muscular, so I thought that perhaps my broadness would round out the massive bulge in my skinny jeans. Bluntly, it didn’t. It really didn’t. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would have trouble rounding out this thing! I tried buying slim fit and regular fit jeans to balance out my monster cock, but nope… Still didn’t work. Still made me look like a budget porn star.


Now, that’s fine if you don’t mind looking extremely well endowed. I know a few guys who have this model and they love that element of it. But another issue I have with the size is that the testicles/funnel rubs against my inner thighs, causing the skin to be rubbed raw. If you have quite slim thighs, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. I however, have quite thick thighs so unless I walked like a cowboy, I had to deal with the rubbing.

Onto the look of it. I think if I had gone for the painted option, I would have been happier with the way it looked. But it was an expensive extra that would have faded and rubbed off over time. So even though it matched my skintone, it unfortunately didn’t look at all realistic. The shape looked good, but the all over colour let it down.

Ok, so the Freetom Rogue is uncomfortable, looks terrible and makes you look a bit Ron Jeremy, so what did I like about it?

This is the most heartbreaking ( for me ) part of all. I could pee with this first time. No leaking at all. I was able to get the whole shaft out of my underwear and jeans without it bending too much and therefore blocking the flow. Big enough to take in hand and all was needed to make sure it stayed close to your body was to cup the testicles and gently press upwards.


I’ve not been able to pee first time and continuously be able to pee without any problems with any other prosthetic. And for me that is terribly disappointing. I think that if you can deal with the things I didn’t like about it, then the Freetom Rogue is very good as an STP.

I have yet to have sex using it, but to try it out for the review, I did use it as a dildo and also tested out the pleasure ridges on the top inside of the funnel. The thickness of the Rogue does feel good when used to penetrate. But as for the pleasure ridges… It doesn’t line up properly with my anatomy. But, everyone is different, so I am sure it will work for someone. It just wasn’t the right one for me.

If you would like to get your own, you can buy it at:

Next Sunday I will be reviewing the EZP by Transthetics.

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