Getting To Know you~

The first of anything you attempt is difficult. The first day at school. The first hour of learning how to ride a bike. First driving test. First date. First kiss…

And so in the same vein, first blog posts…

I thought long and hard about whether or not I should start this blog and how to go about doing such a thing. What would it be about for starters? I knew I wanted to talk about being gay and trans, but also do reviews on sex toys and STP’s ( Stand To Pee Devices ). A mixture of reviews, advice and lifestyle blogging. A little bit of a mixed bag, but I reckon they’re all linked enough to go in the same place.

So, who am I?

In the past year or so, I have enjoyed ‘passing’ as a cis male ( please note, I understand that the idea of ‘passing’ is terribly problematic, but for sake of simplicity it will be used here. I will however go into the issues with that word in a later post ). For those of you not in the know, ‘passing’ means to be correctly perceived as the gender you identify as ( Again, I want to state that it is a problematic concept, but there are reasons behind it ).

Due to being able to finally ( safely ) go through the world being correctly gendered ( finally FINALLY! ) I don’t want to jeopardise that by shouting about my true identity on the internets and also talking about what’s between my legs and what I like being done to them.

So! You may call me Patroclus. I figure it’s as good a name as any, and I am deeply attached to The Iliad and The Song Of Achilles. I’m in my early 30’s, reside in the UK, I have been on gel testosterone for a year and a half and post top surgery for eleven months.

A short intro is better than an overly long waffling one, I feel. And we can really get into the meat of things with the next few posts. Speaking of which, I am going to be posting three days a week: Sunday ( All about Sex and Dating – Sex toy reviews, Adventures in dating apps, porn – the lot! ) Wednesday ( All about this Trans Malarky – Including how to get hormones, which surgeons should you consider for top surgery, exploring bottom surgery, the problem with ‘Passing’ and a heck load more ) and Friday ( Gay Lifestyle and culture – Where do I fit in and how am I navigating this new world?

With love,




  1. I can’t wait!! As a relatively new gay trans guy, it’ll be nice to hear from someone further along than I. It seems our kind are very un-represented in the media.
    Also, you seem like quite the wordsmith!


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